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Nicky Stockton 
1-12-2008 04:01 AM Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Thank you for creating this site. I was a Foundation student of Peter's from 1977-78 (and worked on the Irene Williams project). It was a very formative year, Peter had a strong charismatic presence and was loved by us all, and it's wonderful to see his work again. I find it very reaffirming. On one hand it feels as if at the end he had reached his prime - there is a real correspondence and integration between how he was and what he created, but I would love to have seen what he might have gone on to do; monochromatic and in oils? He was always interesting!

Some thoughts:
I am wondering if this might be a good time to have another Peter and maybe Brian exhibition? In London I could imagine it in Camden Arts Centre - it's so reminiscent of Watford. Is this possible?

You mention that very few of Peter's paintings have changed hands. Is there anyone selling his work now?

Could an additional section on teaching be added to show some of the projects and exercises which he did with us? Like, for example the way he taught tone was to ask us to paint a picture of a window or the time he asked us to draw something boring and to stop as soon as it got interesting. Peter didn't really teach us any techniques but helped us to visually record our experience of the world.
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