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4-1-2008 10:43 AM Host: Write a comment

Your partner pointed me towards this site through myspace. I have to say how wonderful it is to see such a project dedicated to such a great but under represented artist as Peter.

I first came across his work through the idle ramblings one night on Cape Cornwall of an artist friend of mine who told me about his other work outside of the Oblique Strategies cards he and Brian put together.

I use those cards every time I reach a creative dilemma and have run out of steam, both in my research work as a scientist and as a musician and photographer. I've added a lot of my own to the pile as well, I think that was partly the intention to spur others on to create their own random ideas.

But there is so much more to his work than this and I thank you so much for putting this site together, a real inspiration and so interesting to learn more about the person I never knew but has had such an influence on my work in science and art.

Thank you.

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